May 20, 2015


   "Buyers really need to be with an agent who knows what the market is like and what to do," said Johnson. "Knowing other agents like I do helps my clients in the negotiating process when they are up against 10 other offers. It is definitely a sellers’ market."


With the Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas economy  stronger and more diversified than ever, people are pouring into Central Texas at rapid speed. In the past 12 months, the DFW area has added 114,600 new jobs and is expected to add more than 100,000 additional jobs in 2015.    

More jobs means more homebuyers, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area is experiencing an "incredible recovery" in home sales, restrained only by a shortage of homes on the market. Residential home prices rose 8.8 percent during 2014 and are expected to increase by another 5 percent in 2015.    

And the good news is this: Home mortgage interest rates are expected to remain at very low levels.

Living in Texas definitely has its advantages. Lower oil and gas prices are expected to boost the Texas economy, and the U.S. is expected to generate more than 45 million "new household formations" during 2015 -- with many of them in the Lone Star State.

​It's good news all around. And with the right real estate agent, homebuyers will be able to actually move into their dream home instead of just imagining it.

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