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Realtors, are you struggling to stay organized, be creative, and find consistent success in this circus known as real estate?  If so, then step right up and get your ticket to a fun, whimsical, and wild circus adventure with Lisa Johnson Juden as your master ringleader. With 23 years of experience as a Realtor, Lisa shares with you her secrets to fostering creativity, igniting inspiration, and reaching your greatest goals in today’s real estate marketplace.


Whether you want to enhance your organizational skills, set better habits in your professional endeavors, or simply stay on top of your workload, Lisa can help. Packed with insights, tips, and clever techniques to help guide you, this book offers a vibrant upfront, and entertaining approach that takes you back to the basics of your business. Let’s get this act on the road with you as the ringleader to the greatest show in town. 

Video Clips:

Video Clip #1:  Why I Wrote My Book

Video Clip #2:  Checklist Creativity

Video Clip #3:  Love Love Love

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